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Terms and Conditions

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE. All users of this site agree that access to and use of this site are subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable law. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site.


Depending on the item(s) that you purchased from Monarch Home Furnishings and the location to which the items will be delivered, different shipping methods will be provided to you. Each shipping method has its own restrictions and additional charges that might be applied to your order.

Shipping Time

All shipping times listed on Monarch Home Furnishings website are approximate and we always strive to adhere to them as closely as possible. However, due to the fact that delivery times may be effected by our manufacturers and/or shipping solutions provides, we cannot be held responsible in the event that your items arrive earlier or later than estimated.

Please note: more shipping time is required for residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Important: Once a customer has been issued a tracking number, the order is shipped and can no longer be cancelled or modified.

Standard Shipping

We will ship UPS/FedEx whenever possible. If your order is large and/or heavy we will arrange a Standard Tracking shipping. The Standard Tracking shipping is a shipping method, which can be described as a "curb side delivery".

If you are ordering a very large or/and heavy item, please keep in mind that you will need someone to help you to move it.

You will be contacted for an appointment by the Shipping Company ahead of time so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. Shippers are expected to notify you of a delivery day, time and service options, so you can have the appropriate help available to get your order into your home if necessary. Please note that shipping times are estimated and cannot be guaranteed. If you are not at home when the delivery was scheduled and the freight company has to return with your order, a second delivery fee may apply based on the carrier.

Under no circumstances can the items left outside of the house or apartment unattended.

Additional Services

Alternatively, most truck freight companies offer additional services such as:

  • White Glove Silver and Gold Service
  • White Glove Silver Service (includes placing the furniture in your room of choice)
  • White Glove Gold Service (includes light setup, placing your new furniture in the room of your choice, removing and placing the debris outside of your house)
  • Taking furniture to another then ground floor.
  • etc.

Once we email you the tracking information you can contact the shipper directly to inquire about additional services. You would be responsible for paying the truck freight carrier directly for any additional services.

*In all cases the shipper will not hookup any electrical or component wires.

Upon Delivery

All customers are required to sign a bill of lading upon delivery. Should you notice any damage to the boxes in which your furniture was delivered, please, note the damages on the bill of lading.

Important: You MUST inspect the package at the time of delivery and SIGN bill of lading. If your order arrives damaged, please notate the damage to the item(s) and the box(s) in detail on the bill of lading and accept the delivery and contact us immediately. If this occurs outside of our business hours please call us on the next business day. If you did not notate a damage on the bill of lading, we cannot be responsible for this damage and may have a problem to reimburse you.

Return Policy

If the order has arrived, but you want to return it for any reason, you will have 30 days after delivery to return it. Please call us at 916-269-9636 immediately and we will arrange for the pick up. No orders will be accepted back without prior authorization by Monarch Home Furnishings. We will refund your order in the full amount of the total, less all delivery charges and a 35% restocking fee to accept the return of the item by the manufacturer and it will be processed to you after the item is received back by the warehouse.��

Many of our items are sold and advertised as "Free delivery" items, or a discounted shipping was offered (whether or not the customer was made aware of the shipping discount at the time of purchase) the delivery costs are always incorporated in the price of our items and will be taken into the account when the refund for such item is processed. After request for such return is fully processed, an email with all the costs involved will be sent to you. Please, do not assemble the furniture that you might be returning since furniture assembled by customer cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

All products must be returned in original condition and packaging; otherwise, additional charges will be applied. Additionally, "custom item" products cannot be returned at all because neither we nor our suppliers can take them back. If you have any questions about whether a product can be returned, please call us at 916-269-9636

Cancellation Policy

All of our products are custom ordered for our valued customers.
As soon as the order is placed, we begin the sequence of events which will ultimately result in you receiving the product of your choice. Since all of our products are custom ordered, at the very beginning of this
sequence, Monarch Home Furnishings and its respective customer become financially obligated to purchase and pay for the ordered product. We here at Monarch Home Furnishings try to remain the most customer friendly furniture website on the internet and will make every attempt to assist you in the cancellation of your order. We will contact the manufacturer and make all the necessary arrangements, but, unfortunately even we are not able to cancel any orders which have been already prepared for shipment or actually shipped by the manufacturer. Please, note that even if the tracking number is not available to us or you at the time you request cancellation of your order, it might actually be already too late. We will contact you immediately after the manufacturer advises us of whether we can cancel your order or not. Throughout the ordering process you will be prompted to check the box reading: "I agree in full" to the terms and conditions of the sale by "Monarch Home Furnishings" . By checking this box you agree to accept in full all terms and conditions listed on including our Cancellation Policy and such acceptance will be in lieu of customer's legal signature.

Legal Disputes

All legal disputes shall be governed by and construed in accordance with California State Law. The California State courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue over any dispute and each party hereby consents to the jurisdiction and venue of such courts.

Damaged Items

Monarch Home Furnishings only contracts professional delivery and trucking companies to deliver the order, unfortunately, accidents damaging your ordered items may sometimes occur. While this happens only on rare occasions, we do ask our customers to thoroughly inspect the merchandise at the time of arrival and note all comments of the damage in their entirety on the bill of lading. Do not refuse the order. If the order is refused, it will be treated as a return, subject to a 35% restocking fee plus all shipping charges. Customer is required to photograph the damages, call us when this occurs at 916-269-9636 and e-mail the photographs of the damages to within 5 business days of delivery. If the damages are not promptly and fully noted and reported, we will not be able to assist the customer with later claims. Once we receive photos of the damaged merchandise, we will send out a new replacement or replacement part. We reserve the right to repair furniture in the customer's home or send out a replacement or replacement part. Regretfully, we can only authorize a full refund in the rare event when we are unable to repair or replace the item. We also expect our customers to accept the delivery appointment for any repairs or replacement furniture to complete the order process.

Throughout the ordering process you will be prompted to check the box reading: "I agree in full" to the terms and conditions of the sale by "Monarch Home Furnishings" and such acceptance will be in lieu of customer's legal signature. It is further understood that all phone orders called in will have on the receipt that the "customer agrees in full" to the terms and conditions of the sale by "Monarch Home Furnishings" and such acceptance of the receipt will be in lieu of customer's legal signature.

RTA Cabinets Ordering, Shipping & Return Policies


*After 1 business day from placing your cabinet order, changes/cancellations cannot be made and the order will be processed and shipped as originally ordered. Door sample orders cannot be changed/canceled*
If a shipping address is changed after an order ships or if an address was entered incorrectly on an order and needs to be changed after shipment, most freight companies will charge a fee. Please be sure to ask the freight company about any applicable charges before changing a shipping address because you will be responsible for any fees billed to Monarch Home Furnishings. In addition, the freight companies will call you to schedule the delivery of your cabinet order (except for orders that ship Ground, in that case, no one needs to be home). You must be home for the delivery, if not, the freight companies will charge a re-delivery fee which you will be responsible for. Any additional delivery fees charged by the freight companies will be the responsibility of the customer who placed and paid for the order.


Various finishes ship out of different warehouses throughout the USA. If you are ordering multiple finishes, you may receive separate shipments depending on which warehouses they are being shipped from. You will receive confirmation emails whenever your order (or part of your order) has shipped.

We need credit card authorization before any order can be processed so your credit card will be charged when your order is placed. Most Ready to Assemble cabinet orders are in stock and will ship in 3-15 business days. Already Assembled cabinet orders will ship in 3 weeks. Depending on the warehouse your cabinets are shipping from, transit time can be an additional 1-6 business days. In some cases, there will be certain items out of stock. If this is the case, we will notify you and let you know when it will be in stock. Then you will have the option to:

1) Ship all in-stock items right away and the out-of-stock item(s) when they come in and you will be responsible for the additional shipping charges

2) Wait until all items are in, then ship

3) Cancel the out of stock item(s)

4) Switch the out of stock item(s) to another item that is in stock and ship the order (ex: switch a 15" drawer base to a regular 15" base, or a W2130 to a W1830 with a 3� filler).

Quick Checklist for shortages or damages upon your delivery (please also read below for more details on how to accept your delivery and report any damages or shortages):

  • Mark both copies of the bill of lading (not packing list) clearly as to what is damaged or missing
  • Have the delivery driver initial item(s) that are damaged or missing and sign both copies of the Bill of Lading (make sure you get a copy).
  • Take pictures of damaged boxes and contents.
  • A signed copy of the Bill of Lading, marked 'freight damage or shortage' and pictures, are required before any replacements or missing pieces will be mailed out.


We use multiple freight companies to ship our products. If shipping to a residential address, it is a curbside, end of truck delivery. End of truck, meaning the driver is only responsible for moving the pallet to the end of the truck. From that point, it is the customer�s responsibility to unload the pallet piece by piece (this is a perfect time to do a piece count and inspect each box as noted below). No lift gate will be used unless specifically requested by the customer. The lift gate is just a type of 'elevator' on the back of the freight truck that lowers the pallet onto the curb. You would then unload the pallet from the curb as opposed to the back of the truck. Most freight companies will charge for this service, so please make sure to ask how much it would be before accepting the lift gate or any other service the shipping company offers you. Also, please make sure you have someone to help you accept the delivery if you are not able to move/lift the boxes by yourself, since the driver will not be responsible for unloading any boxes.


It is extremely important that you do a piece count and make sure all ordered pieces are there (unless you�ve been informed of any out of stock items). Realize some pieces may be packaged together, i.e. crown molding, fillers, etc� If you can, open any accessory boxes while the driver is there to make sure all pieces are accounted for, if you�re not able to, mark the Bill of Lading (BOL) that you weren�t able to verify the piece count in the box. If there is anything missing, it must be noted on the BOL. Make sure to get a copy of the BOL with the driver�s signature and that the driver has a copy noting any shortages, we will need a copy sent to us to process your replacement order. If shortages are not noted on the BOL, we will not be able to reship any items.

In addition to doing a piece count, you want to check each box for visible damage. The trucking company has to let you do this, you do not need to open each box, just check over the outside for cracks, dents, holes, etc� If the driver tells you they will not wait for you to check over the boxes, call the trucking company and explain that you need to note any visible damage on the BOL and the driver is giving you a hard time (this is not very common). The number to the trucking company will be on the BOL. The boxes are checked in the warehouses before being shipped out. However, as soon as the trucking company picks up your order, they are responsible for any damages that occur in transit. We do try and pick the best trucking companies but in the unlikely event damages do occur in transit, you must report it to Monarch Home Furnishings within 48 hours. If it is not reported within 48 hours the trucking company will not acknowledge any damages that may have been made, and we will not be able to replace any damaged pieces without charging you. If any part of your order arrives with visible damage, it is imperative that you note the damages on the BOL and have the driver sign. Again, make sure you get a copy and that the driver has a copy with the noted damage.


If there are any visible damages to the packaging, it must be noted on the BOL. Do not refuse the shipment if pieces are damaged, just make sure to note all damages on the BOL with the driver. Many times, damaged boxes do not mean the contents are damaged. If, for some reason, a damaged piece is refused on delivery, be sure to accept all cabinets that are in good condition and do not refuse the entire order because this will delay the process to get new cabinets shipped out. If the contents of any boxes are also damaged, please be sure to take pictures of the damaged packaging along with the damaged items. If all boxes arrive in good condition, you then have 48 hours to open inspect the contents. If any parts are damaged, please email us a description of the damage along with supporting pictures, and the copy of the BOL to: As long as visible damage was noted on the BOL, your claim should be processed relatively quickly and replacements sent out (5-7 business days). If it was concealed damage, claims may take a little bit longer but we will work as quickly as possible to resolve the issues for you. Due to manufacturer guidelines, damage claims and replacement parts will not be honored for cabinets that have already been assembled and/or installed. If Glass Door Inserts or Glass Shelves are damaged during shipment, the manufacturers will not re-ship since they would have to go via Ground and will more than likely be damaged again. If you receive damaged glass, please send pictures and let our office know within 24 hours and you will be issued a credit so the glass can be cut/purchased locally.

Some manufacturers will require damaged parts or cabinets to be returned in order for replacements to be sent. These parts/cabinets must be returned to the manufacturer if requested or you will be charged for the cost of the replacement parts/cabinets. Returns must be received within 30 days of receipt of replacement parts (or sooner, if requested), or else you will be charged for all parts. The manufacturer charges for replacements if the damaged parts aren't received back within 30 days, so unfortunately, if the damaged parts aren't returned within 30 days, Monarch Home Furnishings will have to charge you for those replacements. If replacements parts are deemed necessary, Monarch Home Furnishings is only responsible for providing those parts, we will not be able to reimburse any additional costs of labor incurred by the customer to replace or repair damaged cabinets. Different finishes ship from different warehouses throughout the USA, so please be sure to confirm the return address before returning anything. If they are returned to the wrong location, we won't be able to replace the damaged parts for no charge.


***RTA cabinets that are shipped assembled or modified (ex: cabinets cut for glass) may not be returned for any reason***

Cabinets can only be returned if they are still unopened in the original packaging. You must notify Monarch Home Furnishings within 24 hours if you wish to return anything, and we must receive the items back within 7 days of receipt. Please contact us for the return address, as many finishes are shipped from different warehouses.

Please send all DOOR SAMPLE returns to:

Monarch Home Furnishings

915 Highland Pointe Dr. Ste 250

Roseville, Ca. 95678

If cabinets are being returned, please contact customer service to see what address to return them to. If cabinets/accessories are returned to the incorrect address, you may not be able to receive a refund, or may only be able to receive a partial refund.

If an order is canceled in transit, you will be responsible for the shipping cost as well as the return shipping costs and will be subject to a 35% restocking fee. Monarch Home Furnishings cannot accepts returns on accessories (this includes, but is not limited to: crown, toe kicks, fillers, end panels, valances, refrigerator/dishwasher panels, mullion doors, anything else listed under cabinet accessories) for any reason due to how easily they can be damaged during return shipment. You will be refunded within 10 business days after we receive the shipment back and inspect it. If we find that there are damages due to transit, your refund may take a bit longer until a proper inspection by the trucking company can occur, and you may need to file a freight claim.

Any order that is returned for any reason will be subject to a 35% restocking fee and the customer will be responsible for the return and initial shipping costs. If there are damages, Monarch Home Furnishings will supply replacement parts/cabinets according to the damage policy above. However, if you do not wish to receive replacement parts/cabinets and request to return an entire order (all or partially damaged), you are responsible for the return shipping and sending Monarch Home Furnishings the BOL (Bill of Lading) noting the damages (signed by the delivery driver) and pictures of the damages. Please send Monarch Home Furnishings your return shipping invoice showing the shipping charge so it can also be included in the claim. Upon return, the damage will be inspected and a claim will be filed with the freight company. The claim will need to be settled in Monarch Home Furnishing�s favor before any refund can be issued. If the claim is denied, Monarch Home Furnishings will be unable to issue any refund on damaged pieces. The return shipping will also be reimbursed if the full claim amount is approved. If a partial claim amount is approved, that amount will be reimbursed to you. All cabinets being returned (damaged or not) are subject to the 35% restocking fee. Upon approval of the freight claim, the 35% restocking fee for the damaged cabinets only (fee for the non-damaged cabinets will still apply), will also be reimbursed to you.

In the event that any mistakes are made in measuring or if any finish/cabinet quality is not what you expected, we cannot be held liable. We strongly encourage you to order a door sample before purchasing a kitchen. If you receive your delivery and realize it is the wrong size (due to measurement mistake) and/or color (not what you expected) we will be happy to refund or replace your order but you will be responsible for return and initial shipping charges and will be subject to a 35% restocking fee. It is very important to make sure that you measure your space accurately, and that you double check your cabinet order before placing order.


If the wrong size and/or color is shipped to you incorrectly, please contact us within 24 hours at 855-458-8272 or email us at and we will immediately process and ship your correct items as quickly as possible.

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at:

Throughout the ordering process you will be prompted to check the box reading: "I agree in full" to the terms and conditions of� the sale by "Monarch Home Furnishings" and such acceptance will be in lieu of customer's legal signature.

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